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Jane Suter

Jane is the award-winning columnist of the highly-acclaimed Plain Jane column and blog. She is hilarious, refreshing and real. We love her like crazy and we think you will, too. Every mom needs a laugh!


Jane Suter

Go, books, GO!

On Saturday, I asked my boys to go through their books so we could donate the ones they no longer read to charity. As I sorted through the pile they collected, one book stood out from the others and I actually found myself hugging the tiny hardback when I rescued it from the heap. It’s [...]


Jeannine Eubanks

Jeannine has some fantastic recipes, stories and thoughts about life in a large family, some great sustainable living ideas and more. Her tips and recipes are often accompanied by beautiful photos of the finished product. Can't wait to see what she's got cookin' today!


Eubanks Eutopia

Homemade All Natural Antiseptic Cream

Lavender and Tea Tree are two of my most favorite and most used oils. They both have antiseptic and disinfectant properties, so they’re great for scratches and scrapes. Having 5 kids, we have a lot of boo-boo’s around here, so I made this cream to keep in the medicine cabinet (see my disclaimer on the […]


Meagan Francis

Meagan is an author and mother of five; her posts are about finding satisfaction and fulfillment, nurturing and dreaming. We're confident that you'll like what you see and want more!

The Happiest Home

#TalkEarly: How do you talk to your kids about alcohol responsibility?

I’m proud to be partnering with #TalkEarly, a program dedicated to preventing underage drinking sponsored by FAAR (Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility). Earlier this month, my friends at the #TalkEarly campaign asked me to answer this question: how – and where – do you talk to your kids about drinking responsibly?  My answer was easy:  “All of […]

The post #TalkEarly: How do you talk to your kids about alcohol responsibility? appeared first on The Happiest Home.


Amy Allen Clark

Amy is one of our longest-running writers and is the author of "The Good Life for Less" which gives some great tips, as does her website, about running a household on a budget and still enjoying life each day! It's great to know that we're not alone in our struggles to do it all!


The Motherload

It’s the 3 Little Things: Salt Soaks, I Like Giving, & Vinyl Collecting

vinyl_collectingHappy Friday, friends! It was such a crazy week that today really snuck up on me! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week this week and are looking forward to the holiday weekend!  Here are three things that are making me happy this week! Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts With Milk & Honey I […]

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