Candy-Filled “Mummy” Halloween Craft

Have you started to think about what Halloween crafts you want to do with your kids?
Well, here is one that is "Scary Fun!"These would be so fun to make and give away to grandparents, neighbors, teachers or you could even make them at a party or get together!
• Small candy pieces, such as m & m’s
Empty toilet paper roll tubes, with toilet paper removed and saved
• Tape
• Toothpick
• Marker
• Printer & printing supplies
1.Put candy into tube
2 Tape toilet paper to the side of the tube wrap vertically around so that the tube is covered including ends.
3. Fold toilet paper in half and create a little bit of a point.
4.Wrap toilet paper horizontally around the tube twisting as you go...DO NOT RIP TOILET PAPER OFF YET. WAIT UNTIL THE VERY END!
5. Keep twisting all the way down to the bottom
6. Tape at the toilet paper off now.
7.By the top of the tube, push toilet paper up so that you can draw eyes with the color of your choice.
8. Make ovals with a marker for the eyes.
9.Take Happy Halloween sign and tape it to the back of a toothpick. (visit Jill’s website at to print!) 
10. Push Happy Halloween sign into the side of the tube. Enjoy!
Jill Lebbin is the owner and operator of Every Day is an Occasion LLC( She does creative segments for WSBT, designs for paper manufacturers, and teaches craft classes. Her projects can be seen on the Disney Blog, HSN and published in craft magazines. She resides in Granger with her husband and 2 kids.


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